Fine Art Framing

Moulding Selection

We have decades of experience assisting our customers, including renowned art galleries and interior design firms, in the selection and customization of frames to perfectly match their artwork and presentation environment.  As a custom fine-art framing shop, we have the experience and in-house expertise and production capabilities to work with all types of wood and metal frame profiles.  We maintain relationships with all of the major moulding distributors, including Larson & Juhl, Nielsen Bainbridge, Gemini and Omega, and are committed to consistently providing our customers with a high quality end-product.

Mat and / or Frame Spacing

Conservation framing techniques call for the use of a mat and / or frame spacer to provide sufficient separation between the artwork and the glazing; in the case of matting it also provides a visual border around the artwork itself.  However, there are many variations and options for customers to consider between mats (board type, texture, color and quantity) and spacers (size and depth).  “Floated” works are also an option whereby the artwork is mounted on top of the mat utilizing rice paper or linen hinges.  Seaberg works with and carries a wide range of matting boards and spacers to meet our customers varied framing requirements.


Framing Art
The Basic Components

Mounting Board

Depending on a customers’ artwork and personal preferences, we will recommend either true archival mounting whereby the artwork is affixed to the mounting board with hinges, or in appropriate situations dry mounting the artwork utilizing ph-neutral adhesives and fine-art appropriate substrates such as dibond or acrylic.



We work with a number of glass and acrylic glazing options. We generally carry 4 styles of glass and 3 styles of acrylic in stock; other glazing options are typically available upon special request.